The Pastificio Di Bari Tarall’Oro was founded in 1982 in the peaceful countryside of the south-east of Bari, precisely in Turi. Initially it was ( / as) a tarallificio, this activity has immediately set as its main objective to satisfy the needs of consumers. In fact, after a few years, it decides to offer its customers new products, keeping the quality : the production of artisan pasta that immediately finds a good response on the market. The production takes place with the use of extra calibrated from the best durum wheat of the murgia. Initially, the processing took place by means of artisan machinery that allowed only the production of formed pasta as orecchiette, cavatelli, fusilli, strascinate, capunti … In the following years, thanks to the continuous request from customers who contributed to the growth of company, new production lines and new machines have been installed,

equipped with die and bronze inserts that have allowed the increase of references including: ciocche, ruote, fiori, pennette, maccheroncini, strozzapreti… In 2000, another artisanal production line was installed to allow the company to produce tagliolini and spaghetti of quality. Although the adoption/ introduction of new technologies, our production has nevertheless remained faithful to the traditions to preserve the past flavors .The great objectives achieved in these years, are valid prerequisites: the Tarall’Oro wants to spread in the world food products recognized by consumers as excellent for taste and quality, which contribute to a correct diet. Currently, new extensions are planned that will allow a further increase in production and an improvement in the quality of the product in order to meet the needs and the satisfaction of the consumer.

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